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    Tuesday, January 04, 2005

    Is having a personal blog selfish?

    I've always said that personal blogs are rather silly and self centered if they aren't on the web to serve a purpose. I mean, a purpose is sort of what we're all after so why shouldn't our blogs be after the same. I already belong to 2 online blogs, that are more communities with purposes. The first, is my friend blog-created for the sole purpose of reconnecting the scattered nature of friendships, and the second is a book blog where we read and discuss various books picked out by members. This blog-Less than Casual-is more about me, but more specifically about poetry. Poetry in general. The blog community appears to be popping up everywhere with more and more poetry blogs that serve as a way to tether us all together. Or at least enable the sense that people do still care about poetry.


    Blogger Michael said...

    The purpose can be to simply sort out one's jumbled thoughts, no? I've been considering doing an individual blog for awhile...

    4:15 PM  
    Blogger Kristine said...

    I'm very purpose or 'what's the point' driven. So, for me, starting a blog because there is an online community of poets was ok. Otherwise, why make it public?

    11:53 AM  
    Blogger Michael said...

    Because exhibitionism / enabling voyeurism is sexxxy (with three x's).

    6:04 PM  
    Blogger mephistofales said...

    Funny, I never even read your first post till just now... dare I say that bit about great minds?

    10:14 PM  

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