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    Friday, January 07, 2005

    The New Yorkers laxidascal take on the Tsunami in Kalapet

    Upon reading the New Yorker this morning while eating breakfast, I was a bit taken a back by an article on the Tsunami from a reporter that lives in the region. It seems as if we're not the only ones that feel the tsunami victims are far away. In fact, people living just miles from where the tsunami hit are feeling that same way. The reporter who lives in Auroville which is right outside a main French provincial town called Pondicherry, heard of the tsunami over the internet. He then proceeds to describe the towns reaction as non existent. People went on when their lives as if the greatest tragedy of our time hadn't just occurred. This, to me, seems odd to point out. Odder still is his report, in a very laxidascal way that this region is receiving more food than necessary, that aid efforts are being thrown out because they are receiving rice every 50 minutes, while in India relief efforts haven't even begun. I certainly don't want to read about the gross misuse of aid relief efforts by a reporter that seems haphazardly reporting these things from his lush home a few miles from the devastation. Do something besides write a very disturbing article. I might be feeling over sensitive this morning. You be the judge.


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