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    Wednesday, March 09, 2005

    Collaboration Nation

    I've been thinking a lot about the advantages and disadvantages to collaboration. I've been feeling like I want to do more than just create poetry, revise, send it out to journals. I've always wanted to start my own non profit whether it be a literary journal, a chapbook press, or whatnot, but it all boils down to time and what's more important ulitmately- the time for creation or the time spent creating the end result, the thing that people see.

    A bunch of possibilities on how to expand this has come to mind:
    1. I have lots of artist friends, a collaboration of art and words in which both images appear on postcards has come to mind.

    2. beginning a chapbook press simply at first, with hand bound books and an additional artist component for the cover.

    3. participating in some public art forum that really speaks to people and makes a difference.

    4. begining a small, as in size, poem distribution, kind of like a zine would function, but more professionally. Where you would print one poem by a writer in a small 3x3 booklet and print them in quantities of 100 and sell them for a $1 or $2.

    Lately, it feels like I've been seeing the same poets over and over again in journals and I'd like to open things up in a different vein. Get more work out there in interesting collaborative forums. I'm not sure why i'm feeling so restless about this in general, but I'm feeling like a fusion of something besides just words is in order.

    A professor of mine is participating in this exhibit called shopdropping. Maybe I should be more proactive in seeking out organizations such as this...


    Blogger Michael said...

    I generlly like collaboration although I haven't done much of it myself. Oddly enough (or not) I've known artists that started collaborating and sort of stopped producing 'individual' work...

    I never heard the term chapbook before now.

    11:01 PM  

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