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    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    we both go down together

    from Dear Paper Flowers

    I was looking at your thin stem leaning
    against the wall.
    propped and slightly crooked.

    Little shadow lean long.

    Petals shouldn’t be fuzzy but are.
    They stand in circular

    lines touching edges, reaching out, then up.
    you are stiff,
    brittle yes,

    you never bend in and out

    of water—the same.

    Protea from the corner. How long
    did you sit in the window
    colorless petals, spiny and neat.

    Sometimes I hate the way you’re wrapped.
    Tissue paper and
    twine. The tiny purple acscents woven in.
    Next time come alone.

    Why does your stem have no leaves
    to dip and dive around

    your thinness. Instead you bring filler,
    crowding the base. Purple

    lilacs are beady and fine—fluffy even,
    try cat tails for future reference.
    babies breath will grind into nothing, don’t bring those.

    Your blossom is large and heady,
    popping into a startling white.
    fuzzy and un-flower like. When I
    dry you out, will

    you turn a dirty grey

    or go ivory with a touch of brown?

    stay stiff and never wilted.


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