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    Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    drone on seersucker eyes

    Nature Tromp

    i. Hive

    pistil of the flower—squat and soft
    stretching backwards, down into the stem
    petal into a blossom
    little bee, steal nectar
    pollen-extracted on tiny hairs
    demand to be fed.
    flutter off-off
    in your asymmetrical way
    fertile Queen, swollen and ready

    drone on with
    way worthy wind

    a quick blow up a skirt
    pleated mid-thigh through hem
    tickle a touch, swirl fast
    then out—warm and breezy

    seersucker eyes steady
    hone in on your death mate

    the “dancing” to
    signal a new—
    tail wiggle shake
    yellow pollen spores stuck
    deep in an ear canal
    can you hear the buzz?
    a throat tickle, post nasal drip
    cough cough

    green stemmed sepal robbed—broken
    down—wither away
    a petal drops off. Dried scent, scattered ovules
    stained fingertips

    sterile worker work on
    climb into your
    honey comb home
    texturized sweet and sleep


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