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    Wednesday, July 06, 2005

    Notes I remembered upon returning

    Chicago SOS

    1. Irving Park/Ravenswood
    More of a look, a time of day, the way ginger ale turns
    yellow at dusk on the patio behind Café 28

    The whooshing rumble
    our elevated train-so many feet above.

    My calves tip a bit,
    jolt jolt.
    But you expect it to be so
    and lift in anticipation.

    2. Wacker

    Your French connection picture
    blurry and abounding with details.
    The movement, propelled forward.

    I can see sounds, know them well
    can hear:
    Taxi cab yellow, dashboard gleam

    3. Clark

    Why would you insist on walking it,
    taking buses crumbled with dirt,
    crevices hinged on skin cells.

    I told you this is a driving kind of town
    you knew but didn’t care. The middle of the country
    sleeps inhaling oil fumes,
    you are west coast and took them in in gulps.

    I prefer the slow silent kind,
    the kind taken through tempered glass

    4. Adams/Wabash
    Ivan’s door seemed real enough to open—
    quite large a decade of pain and preparation.

    Ivan hidden
    on the floor that doesn’t quite
    match up, The new wing, the un-blending.
    Architecture un-aligned, un-matched, yet workable.

    You get to flank
    the next gallery, severely nodding.
    Would you have stopped and stood looking
    had I not taken you
    palm to palm to his feet?


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