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    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Nature Tromp ii - Shell (absent)

    ii. Shell (absent)

    mucus train, wet—quickly
    evaporating in the warm sun
    top of the fence post—wait it out slug
    reach for a leaf, take a dive down
    your shell not quite absent
    tucked up under your saddle-shaped mantle
    little platelette, a fall can break you
    after all you have no visceral mass
    stacked up organs atop a foot

    garden vines are thick and wirey
    tomato red grow up and around your cages
    flower out on top of, not through, the metal squares
    carefully spaced apart, planted early
    now you brush and sway against a breeze, touching

    foot—thin and watery pull ahead, pedal and push-
    thick and sticky yet
    travel up, follow shadows, accordion movements

    your tentacles are going
    sensory-lower and shorter-smell and taste
    optic-upper and longer you can see—
    look for leaves, taste dead decaying produce
    your radula is tongue tied and heavy,
    quick tiny tooth like denticles are ensured
    choke and strangle tight
    shredded cacophony of leaves in your wake

    to think just moments ago
    hanging from a slime cord
    you mated in mid-air
    bluish swelling genitalia all pushed out
    your mate wrapped tightly around
    both simultaneouly male and female
    taking and giving sperm
    your fertilization pocket isn’t far from your food
    drop out your 1,000+ batch of eggs
    all laid out in a continuous string.
    as you dip and dive past salt streams,
    buried beer cans to drown you
    eating and eating a fertile laid out plot

    a scoop and you’re mine, palm centered
    a push of mucus and you’ve marked me
    curl and writhe under the current
    salt can penetrate your delicate muscles
    when poured directly on

    little slug you were set to
    die, the air is changing-
    it’s going cold and moistureless here


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