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    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Nature Tromp - iii Hill

    iii. Hill

    let’s begin in flight
    both male drone and breeding female—go
    carried from every ant hill placed on the limbs of grass
    wings spread out in a colony escape
    not just your little ant hill, one outside your window
    but all little ant hills

    a lift up as wind catches wings
    she pounces, cat claws attached to screen
    she has no demure meow

    the drones drop off, sex caught mid-flight
    a fall to death
    breeders are left to build anew
    a quick chew to release her wings
    and she’s laying it all out
    first brood chamber, you’re all minors,
    obey and wait it out

    New worker:
    here is your abrupt temporal caste
    lasting days 2-4 at a time:
    1 care for your queen & siblings
    2 dig dig there is always nest work
    3 forage for food and defend your home

    the tapping of rain
    beating and mashing down
    your hill a swirling mudpie

    minor media major (soldier)
    the inescapable physicality of it all

    when a pack of you climbs up my piping
    I wonder who is who
    if soldiers are so forthcoming?
    never slipping or sliding down the porcelain smooth
    but popping out antennaes through piped in holes

    when I turn on the spigot full force
    you crumple and curl
    I watch as you
    let out attack and propaganda pheremones
    confuse or a t t a c k,
    c o n f u s e and attack

    mandible jaw working up and down
    that trail behind you warm
    you’ll be swarming soon
    but there’s no food here
    just cold tile floors

    my attempts at destruction are futile, god save the queen


    Blogger mephistofales said...

    I really love these lines:

    minor media major (soldier)
    the inescapable physicality of it all

    11:40 AM  
    Blogger APB said...

    i love these! have you read much annie dillard, like pilgrim at tinker creek? i think you would enjoy her, studying insects so beautifully, like you!

    11:35 AM  
    Blogger Kristine said...

    thanks for the love.


    i have not read annie dillard but i certainly will look into her, thanks.


    2:06 PM  

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