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    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    Last minute...

    I'm reading with 2 amazing poets this evening:

    The Ecstatic Monkey Second Thursdays reading series continues after a summer hiatus this Thursday, September 8th for a reading featuring poet:

    Stacy Doris

    with Ecstatic Monkey Member poets Kristine Leja & Colleen Bazdarich

    Entry is FREE and open to the public

    Wine and Beer available

    7:30 pm

    StartSoma Gallery is at 672 S. Van Ness between 17th and 18th (through the blue door and up the stairs)

    Stacy Doris' books written in English include Conference (Potes & Poets 2001), Paramour (Krupskaya 2000), and Kildare (Roof, 1995). Written semi-anonymously in French are La vie de Chester Steven Wiener écrite par sa femme (P.O.L,1998), and Une année à New York avec Chester (P.O.L 2000). Forthcoming: Knot (University of Georgia) and Parlement (P.O.L). She has edited a dossier of new American writing in French for Java, and co-edited the following collections of French poetry translated by American poets: with Chet Wiener, Christophe Tarkos: Ma Langue est Poétique--Selected Work (New York: Roof) 2001; with Norma Cole, Twenty-two New (to North America) French Poets (Vancouver: Raddle Moon) 1997; with Emmanuel Hocquard), Violence of the White Page, Contemporary French Poetry in Translation (Santa Fe, NM: Pederal) 1992. She is an assistant professor of Creative Writing at San Francisco State University.


    Colleen Bazdarich spent the summer in Dublin sifting through the
    private library of Poetry Ireland, where she found gems like a 1st
    edition copy of Jack Spicer's Billy the Kidd hidden in the covers of
    other books. Her work has lately focused on the occult, and she hopes
    to return to the Green Isle next year to study up on Yeats' similar
    fascination with mysticism and maybe, while she's there, finish up the
    MFA thesis for SFSU she's supposed to be writing.


    Blogger Michael said...

    Wine & beer? Well I'd have gone. Oh yeah, I mean, I guess you aw'ight, so I'd have gone to hear that, too.

    So how was it?

    2:57 PM  

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