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    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    14 Hills Related Events

    Please join 14 Hills Press as we celebrate the release of SWELTER by
    Elise Ficarra.

    Friday, December 9, 2005 @ 7pm

    The Make-Out Room
    3225 22nd St, @ Mission St.

    Swelter by Elise Ficarra
    Chapbook Release Reading
    with guest reader Robin Romm

    Join us in celebrating the release of the chapbook Swelter that is:

    "Exploratory in form yet ultimately grounded in, and devoted to,
    everyday experience. Elise Ficarra's Swelter seeks to rescue te
    lyric during the latest war's assault on our senses." -Brian Henry

    "Where words foreshadow and mirror each other in Elise Ficarra's
    Swelter, where we apprehedn their correspondences, our re-reading is
    always a first reading--startling--as of a poem which can be
    inhabited in multiple dimensions at once." -Benjamin Hollander

    "These brilliant and engaging poems do double time as the world's
    most innovative and advanced Ouija board." -Stacy Doris

    About the Author:

    Elise Ficarra's work has appeared in Bird Dog, Commonweal, Fourteen
    Hills, Small Town, Transfer and other journals. She was awarded the
    Academy of American Poets Harold Taylor College Prize in 2004. She is
    a contributor to Hinge a BOAS anthology of eight Bay Area
    experimental women writers (Crack Press, 2002). Her first chapbook,
    Onslaught Beings, was made in 2002. She lives in San Francisco where
    she has worked for a number of years as the business manager of The
    Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives.

    Robin Romm's collection of stories, The Tilt, won last year's Michael
    Rubin Chapbook Award from San Francisco State University. Her short
    fiction has appeared (or is forthcoming) in many national magazines
    including Tin House, One-Story, Threepenny Review, Nimrod, and The
    Portland Review. She teaches at Laney College, The Writing Salon, and
    San Francisco State University. She'll be a MacDowell Fellow in spring

    Visit www.14hills.net for more information.


    This Saturday! Celebrate and support small presses!

    The Ecstatic Monkey Small Press Fest:
    A Showcase, Reading, and Party in Celebration of Local Independent

    Saturday, December 10th 7:30
    at the Peacock Lounge (552 Haight St. btwn Steiner and Fillmore)

    With Readings From Small Press Publications by:

    Stacy Doris
    David West
    Jeff Johnson
    April Hayley
    Diana Thow
    Todd Chapman
    Jason Morris
    Susanne Dyckman

    Live musical performance by BOUND TO GET FULLER, featuring Brandon
    Brown and Alli Warren

    Music provided until 1:00 am by: DJ Nathan Moomaw of Fallout and DJ
    EMDEE of Club Neon

    Participating Presses:

    Manic D Press
    Kitchen Sink Magazine
    New American Writing
    Watchword Press
    Two Lines: A Journal of Translation
    Five Fingers Review
    Parthenon West Review
    The Skinny
    14 Hills: The SFSU Review
    Instant City Magazine
    Eleven Eleven Journal
    Cherry Bleeds
    Other Magazine
    Meritage Press
    Lost Island Press

    Free party favors donated by Good Vibrations!

    Copious amounts of hors d'oeuvres donated by Trader Joe's!

    Full Bar

    Lovely raffle prizes generously donated by:

    City Lights Bookstore, 826 Valencia, Borderlands Bookstore, Bird and
    Beckett Bookstore, Good Vibrations, Cody's Books, Clean Well-Lighted
    Place For Books, Dog Eared Books, Needles and Pens, Fly Bar, Fabuloid
    (two $100 gift certificates!), Ruby Gallery, DEMA, Candystore, and

    Admission: sliding scale $5 (includes one raffle ticket) - $10
    (includes three raffle tickets)

    Proceeds benefit the survival of the Bay Area's independent presses
    and the innovative and experimental literature they publish


    Monday, December 12, 2005 @7:30pmCafe La Onda
    3159 16th St. (between Guerrero & Valencia)

    14 Hills: The SFSU Review, Volume 12.1
    Issue Release Party

    Please join us for the release of the next issue of Fourteen Hills,
    No. 12.1, one of our best yet with many great contributors including
    art by Laleh Khorramian, and pieces by the following event readers:

    Rodney Koeneke is the author of Rouge State (Pavement Saw, 2003) and
    a work of history on I.A. Richards in China. A mini-chap, On the
    Clamways, was published by Sea.Lamb.Press in 2004. His newest
    manuscript, musee mechanique, reflects the rhythms and terrors of a
    year spent working at the gift shop inside the Musee Mechanique on
    Fisherman's Wharf. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, Lesley
    Poirier, and their son Auden.

    Chaz Reetz-Laiolo recently received a Writer's Grant from the Vermont
    Studio Center. He has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of
    Chicago. He lives in California with his daughter, Isa.

    Tina Petrakis is an MA student in poetry at SFSU, with a special
    interest in translation and cross-genre writing. She has recently
    translated the work of Maria Laina and other contemporary Greek
    poets. Her own poetry has appeared in Talisman, Transfer, and in the
    anthology, The Pagan's Muse (Jane Raeburn, Ed.). Ms. Petrakis works
    as a medical writer in the biotechnology industry and is the author
    of many scientific journal articles and reports.

    Jason Morris is a bartender in the turbulent Haight St. district of
    San Francisco. His poems have appeared in Mirage Period(ical) #4,
    Salt Hill, and Parthenon West Review. Jason;s all-time favorite
    Beatles song is "And Your Bird Can Sing," and he is currently reading
    Rousseau's Confessions and The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym by
    Edgar Allen Poe.

    Joseph Moulian is a small-town kid at heart. Currently, he lives and
    dreams in San Francisco, where he is earning his MA in English at San
    Francisco State University. His work has appeared in Brushfire.

    Luke Trent's poetry has appeared in Fence, The New Review, and Volt,
    among others, and will soon be appearing in various prose poetry
    journals. He is a past winner of the Joseph Henry Jackson Award for

    Visit www.14hills.net for more information.


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