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    Thursday, October 13, 2005


    miniatures (you)


    your fine twiggy legs tired. a knee caked in blues. like patty. bend at the thigh, dip into a puddle to swim. cast off shoes but not clothes. pop out all plush, all shimmery aglow. blonde roots shine gasoline purple, streaked into highlights, a tinge, a ripe reddened toe caught on the lip / dip of sidewalk. like slap. time to start spinning, you need fluff. a puffed letter jacket, can never hang out to drip-dry. direct is better than the round about post. remember that middles of packages are not hard packed but pliable. like give me a lick. when cold—

    it’s never time for icicle fingertips stuck to a tongue

    quick, send the wire transfer direct to your sisters left ear—
    she should hear this


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    you should see me saying the same thing under blue dividers while the lead singer goes home to step off a chair. you should see my wingspan, it's gorgeous. you should see my childhood, home in the valley. you should see her twiggy legs, twixt them while she e-touched my scar. you should see my bent knees caked on the dashboard, a horde of thighs when the plushes pop with all the shimmery of a 70's guitar solo. you should see my missing middle, cut out and thrown in a bucket. you should see my serious in the gutter of popsicle stick races. you should give me a lick, lay your head upon my shoulder and let it rest there for a while

    11:13 PM  

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