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    Thursday, April 27, 2006


    Cervical vertebrae

    one of 7 heel to toe heel to toe we walk down Valencia in a parade like formation the human spine is stick straight and a locale of everyone is in place, it clicks your neck is more than a region of the body in which we are connected
    the 1st cervical vertebra
    the 2nd cervical vertebra;
    pivot this way, pivot that
    serves as a pivot for
    quick turn your head, catch the blue jay in flight

    also called neckbone

    Lumbar vertebrae

    any of them vertebrae stick straight and situated as in a car seat as in a place
    there is not an in between there is only above and below
    that in
    that out
    we are all human(s) this construct is addressing only five in number
    a grand total of something, a matter of course

    also called vertebral column or spinal

    Thoracic vertebrae

    any of the 12 stacked up one on top of the other the vertebrae of course does it matter that we are dorsal characterized by
    too many particulars, an articulation with a what, a who, a now, check your voice mail
    pivot and turn, turn and pivot on
    a voice, a throat catch

    also dorsal vertebra


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    shouldn't there be some kind of diagram to show which bones are and have not at this point?

    check your voice mail, my favorite line.

    4:03 PM  

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