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    Friday, January 27, 2006

    Rows of Hands


    a comma-shaped half between day light and dusk, dirt like air—is breathable and not bone, human wrist, located in a somewhere town on a somewhere beach in the first row of a memory
    ship shape up like a—

    also called navicular



    crescent-shaped for that is the middle warm breaded, broken into pieces to toss proximal row between the scaphoid and the triquetral seagulls that swoop, feathered with wind a deep concavity a dip between wing bones on the distal surface your shape is shifting and tossed

    called also lunate



    it is on the ulnar side the cliff bending and standing throw something off but does not articulate it wishes to be is pyramid-shaped is ledge-less, a swift drop off formed from Latin which means "three-cornered"

    called also triquetral



    a bone little-finger side not eight but 10 or 2 counting only little resembling a fanned out existing beach, splay of— a pea in size /shape a multitude of grit a pitvotal moment, a final stage developed last

    called also—



    a quadrilateral with no parallel sides sand dollar white and oblong a multiple star in the constellation of Orion bone on the thumb side a bone in the distal row base the thumb, the oceans edge met with dry sand tipping out, gleaming

    called also greater multangular



    the base of the forefinger quadrilateral having two parallel sides your juvenile plume sandpiper a small bone a small bird, long beak in the wrist daintily scurry feet do not flick it now near the base of the index finger run straight for dry ground

    called also lesser multangular


    os magnum

    abruptly enlarged and globular globe like encompassing more than wet, then water a rounded, knoblike end Forming a headlike mass or dense cluster the flowers of ice plants bloom and blossom coating an articulation between stiff/spiky and the bursting through of magenta a step off a drop down

    also called capitate



    small, hook-shaped driftwood is light flight like bone of the wrist, a bone on the little-finger side, second row sucker punched and hooked on a tip

    also called hamate

    *This poem actually appears with the first 4 poems in a row and the second 4 appearing directly below the first 4. Therefore, when you read you can read multiple ways in multiple combinations. If I was more html savvy I would put a fancy table in and then you could see what I meant, rather than merely imagining it.


    Blogger Geraldine said...

    I usually find writing kinetically really difficult-- but you seem to achieve it well-- while maintaining a sort of static/photographic grace...

    4:44 PM  
    Blogger Kristine said...

    awww thanks geri!

    11:09 AM  

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