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    Wednesday, March 01, 2006


    Peculiar Rib(s)

    ribs which consider special consideration,
    the special construction of character(s) are 5
    in number-viz. the first, second, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth,
    viz. the she, he, I, you, and we:
    a tell tale, a map key, please note the instrument used in due

    process of unique (ness)


    the 1st is one of the shortest, the most curved of all; broad/flat its surfaces looking upward and downward, its borders inward, and outward. A body mirror couldn’t cover her curves more efficiently. There are no angles, even when slightly bent, the convexity of bends go upward, so that the head is directed downward. Twisty twisty grows her body. The under surface is smooth, destitute of grooves observed on the others will she be more than reflective?

    also called she


    the 2nd much longer than the first, bears considerable resemblance (very) in the direction of its curvature (shared) as in resemblances to other(s) The angle is slight a man, a he that can be placed situated close the shaft is not twisted, looking upward a little outward, a peeker, a looker, a breathable bar. a can see in—a can see

    also called he


    the 10th has only a single facet on its head; only needs one interlocking piece, a jolt into a joining.

    also called we


    reflective than more she will be others observed grooves of destitute, smooth is surface under the body grows twisty downward directed bends of convexity bent slightly when even angles, efficiently more curves her cover can’t mirror body outward and inward borders its downward and upward looking surfaces; all of curved most the shortest the of on is 1st

    a difference—has a slight angle, shallow groove
    check the lowest border

    also called I

    [an aside]
    11th and 12th have each a single commonality—
    facets: of rather large size;
    pointed at the extremity


    breathable a looker a peeker a outward little a upward looking twisted not that he a man to think slight is angle the other(s) resemblances as (shared) curvature of direction the (very) resemblance considerable bears

    a slight inclination for
    repetition or is it an economy of language

    also called you


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