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    Sunday, May 14, 2006



    bony your structure is load bearing

    located at the base of your spine I can feel it when you bend a curvature around the tip of a finger my pelvis is symmetrical each side made up of three separate bones—

    FIG. 238

    Diameters of superior aperture of lesser pelvis (female)*

    these 3 fuse, a togetherness, a joint, a collective you will become more centered take your hand, outstretched and spread 1.lesser-a stretch of thumb and index, 2.not lesser is spread index and middle, for us our well known way of determining sex sits in the center of a pelvis.

    also called hip

    FIG. 239

    Diameters of inferior aperture of lesser pelvis (female)*

    * the upper half broad “wings”, or hip bone, a cat stretch is very over arching.

    the middle top half of

    the lower “loops” is a

    crescent, a mirror of

    an object

    the bottom lower half of the “loops” or continuous, a stream an endless drink

    a loop, a wing, a loop

    *Click on Fig. 238 and Fig. 239 to see the images.


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    this are hooverphonic, sexy even.

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