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    Wednesday, September 20, 2006



    like in the time of bicycles tenderly riding and pushing against
    pulls supporting the tibia above, resting upon the calcaneus
    below reflexes dependent upon bones, articulating on
    either side with, and in front a myriad construction of

    It consists of a:

    The Body (corpus tali).—
    The superior surface of the
    body presents in front it is

    The Neck (collum tali).—
    the constricted portion of bone
    between body oval head.
    surfaces are rough, like dirt
    roads, knees caked with rocks
    and deep grooves as a scars

    The Head (caput tali).—
    The head looks forward best
    seen in the fresh condition
    semi-oval in shape, and rests

    also called ankle


    Blogger mephistofales said...

    Can you write a poem about my hands? My pealing hands? How the skin won't stay on? Can you? Can you write a poem that will make the skin on my hands remain the skin on my hands?

    8:41 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    don't be a TW. the poems are about bones.

    1:32 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    the bones are about bones and the poems are about poems.

    6:36 PM  

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