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    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    the art of stillness

    "The fat man said (to the wax dummy who had revealed himself as a flesh dummy), I'm afraid we must dismiss you, thank you for all your work. The flesh dummy said, But I have been working here for three year, how will I feed my family? The fat man said, Get a movement job.

    We were now five."

    this is where i became hooked, right here on page 16 of the novel Observatory Mansions by Edward Carey. i was so hooked that i began texting the phrase get a movement job out to people. allowing them to think ambivalent, nervous, confused, or ignorant thoughts about where this phrase had come from, what it meant, and what it would come to mean. then when i saw these people in person i filled them in on this book that i just begun to read but knew was worth it.

    go and read this book!


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