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    Thursday, March 24, 2005

    Pretty hands do pretty things when pretty times arise

    Just this week-

    I drew a black and blue mustache on a piece of paper I was editing for work, it’s quite realistic.

    Colin Meloy sounds just like Dave Foley when he speaks, this would then follow, that Dave Foley sounds just like Colin Meloy if he were to sing. Yup.

    Watching the rain from the Hyatt was one of the highlights. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit and reflect and remember where you’ve been living for over a year.

    The robot ate me is my new obsession. You go find out why.

    Proteas are my favorite flower because they last forever in their dried out form. I have a dried out protea hanging from a nail in my kitchen.

    Rain makes my head cloudy and now with the appearance of the sun, I just feel confused.

    Bimbo’s has great atmosphere but a cramped stage.

    I like bands with compelling, well written lyrics. Ex-MFA students should start more bands.

    AND the recounting of a birthday-not mine in poetic form

    And I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll…
    -an epic recounting of 3-22-05

    walk to the train - sit down thigh brushing thigh - you cheeky little devil - white envelopes handed over - an excited walk up and out of a subway - a breakthrough in the clouds, temporary relief - white shelled everything - a handful of music - your new clear roped bag

    a drowned out sidewalk - horizontal rain drops - treaded on cuffs - a sit down at the Hyatt watch it come down - sugar rimmed glasses, sticky stems - embarcadero centric

    Union Square a sea of grey concrete - a walk to wood paneled walls, orange muslim curtains - black rimmed glasses, slight frame—will you do us a dance? - kombu noodle, black bean mole tart - pinot blanc—half full - a gluck walks in, a quick tap on glass - cocooned in the corner, invisible

    stabby, stabby - chocolate cake, hard shelled edges - a yellow duck on blue waves - a floating about - white flashes and crotch shots - shot glasses of cranberry - graphic novels in stacks and stacks


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    how's you get so lovely?

    3:15 PM  
    Blogger Michael said...

    "Pretty hands do pretty things when pretty times arise"

    <- that's great. i fuckin love pretty t imes.

    Compelling lyrics... I think of Brian. cmpulsion. bah.

    12:58 AM  
    Blogger Kristine said...

    Drunken postings are my favorite, thank you michael.

    1:30 PM  

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