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    Monday, April 18, 2005

    The Hansel & Gretel Forest 5

    the owl has alighted on the smoke stack
    the ribbon goes down—

    the house is upon them, just then
    Gretel is nibbling away
    running a quick flick of her tongue
    around the red swirls
    Hansel has ventured in
    picking lollipop flowers
    stuffing M&M walk ways in his pockets

    she, the beldame, has donned a red cloak,
    covers the blood stained arms
    blue hair ribbon round her neck, neat bow
    she is intrigued by Gretel’s latch bone
    a skin graft magician
    can smell the way they embrace blood
    young and not tough but pillowy
    she heard the chainsaw, the dog jaws,
    the clamp down of the neighborhood
    the phone call to catch the intruders
    she has free reign should she just touch
    a soft formed elbow
    the interior of the 17 mile drive, hers
    when a dog goes missing it is all the more cause for revenge

    her appearance—
    “my dears, please feast away”
    startling in crimson, alluring at best
    the hood runs deep, shocking violet eyes
    swimming in black

    Hansel at the window pulls off a shingle
    an offering for their/his beldame
    promptly accepts a bed, a loose button clasp
    spit fire grill of pig, roasted rosemary potatoes—
    a hard on is ensured.

    The half eaten house has begun to mend itself
    has swallowed hostess and Hansel whole
    she leads him in by the crook of his elbow
    a tightly sealed front door, molded shut.


    Blogger Michael said...

    Wha ha? What's going on with this theme? I know the tale, I mean why has it become your theme as of late?

    8:02 PM  
    Blogger Kristine said...

    I get obsessed with weird things and this obsession has channeled itself into a long poem series. I've always wanted to recreate faerie tales in frightening ways. This is my attempt. It all stemmed from taking a drive on the 17 Mile Drive on the way to Morro Bay and noticing that the trees (in my mind)looked like the forest from Hansel and Gretel. I've attempted to put the Hansel and Gretel tale in the 17 Mile Drive forest which in turn brings modernity, residents, dogs, cars, chain saws, sex, etc., alongside the grotesque faerie tale quality.

    9:01 PM  
    Blogger Michael said...

    Oh I see, interesting. By interesting I mean: weirdo. Why can't you be normal like everyone else? But seriously, anything involving the maximizing of chainsaws and sex is pretty awesome I'd say...

    9:52 PM  

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