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    Friday, April 15, 2005

    The Hansel & Gretel Forest 3

    hand to hand they race
    abandon the saw
    use the tip to prick a vein
    faster and faster the blood is streaming
    mottled leaves sticky as paste

    what if the wind picks up?
    watch the sea gulls head towards the ripple of water
    then you’ll always know east

    until the canopy of dead brambles
    entwined with thick arty edges,
    reaching fingers, tips, elbows
    crooked and ever, over reaching. the leafy greens
    have slipped off creating hardened ends reaching beyond
    blocking out the sky
    the underneath is only more—
    weathered in a spider web. No sun.
    mossy flower beds, mud puddles

    Hansel tries to kick through,
    but the earth falls away, slippery shoe shod
    where are your sea gull feathers now?
    so whitewashed, gleaming smooth


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