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    Friday, April 08, 2005

    red right ankle-take 2


    they’re just words—
    words stacked on end tables
    heaved into black smoke
    down twisted highways, skirt the edge of mountains
    series of letters ‘round your neck
    alphabet soup mix, fruit loop bowls
    my tiny twine string
    sometimes edible begets
    a permanent engraved arm band

    deep gauged rivulets run to my left
    water marks are long and lean
    hand packed sand to build
    like winter snow men-caked in ice

    when I whisper into your ear
    I say things like:
    Whisker tickles, harpy heroines, droopy faced dogs
    You swat at your ear
    You say things like:
    Did you hear the buzz? It was close this time.

    yellow haired dog, orange cap
    I see your floating stick

    cartwheels down the pier
    stripped down to my underwear
    on the ledge that you could finger
    removing it only for a moment for a fishing pole
    a child’s waist

    the words spell out
    s e a f o a m g r e e n
    slimy seal skin rocks

    Little boy says Move it, move it.
    I hate you, I hate you.
    a gum full of syllables
    low rumble in your throat
    Other Little twin says nothing, sly—

    orange cap & yellow dog
    still shore waiting

    the seagull is one step ahead
    cupped palm, my inward turned ankle
    open and shut beak
    brown mottled and smooth
    birdshit is directly down,
    cock your head over the edge
    Do you see it clinging to the sides?

    pull in that crawdaddy—yank
    tight on your imaginary line
    hold on to a bit of something
    7 inch crab legs, maybe

    turn the spigot, full on stream
    a splash to the silver paneled sides
    deep grooved wood is sinking
    pock marked checker board
    the queen moves in zig zags
    the rook lies in wait
    a tumble and toss down a drainpipe
    you’re sea born now
    sizzle and pop goes the sea spray, drop in smooth

    boards splinter off into the Pacific
    little sugar cubes popped into tea
    swirl and let us ride a wave
    until we somersault onto sand
    heaved and heart beat happy

    shift and slough off
    careful not to slip under

    poke around with a big stick
    letters appear in pockets
    under armpits and behind knee bends
    keep collecting to make words
    find your way home
    deep in a blanket fold—sleep


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