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    Monday, April 04, 2005

    Robots on the March breed Robot Injuries

    This weekend I went to a Robot show called Robot’s on the March at ATA, Artists’ Television Access. The show featured a bunch of artistic robotic statements. My friend Malia got to make her own robot at a DIY robot station. The robot’s name is EAT and it has teeth that chomp when you press its switch. She’s very crafty and also one of my genius friend of which I have 2.

    The robot injury was sustained later on in the evening. There was a pair of robots that were attached to giant balloons that were floating around the show. They kept floating up and down and bumping into people and walls and the ceiling. One of the robots floated down towards me as I was thinking "I could totally make one of these robots who needs physics" and as I turned my head, its little propeller hit me right on the forehead before bouncing back up towards the ceiling. I have 2 little scratches.

    This did not stop me from enjoying the rest of the show, injury in tow. Other robots included: one robot that played Nintendo, mostly Zelda, by pressing the controller keys randomly, one robot that looked like a flower and waved its ‘petals’ around, one robot that picked up a beer by pressing a series of switches and controls in order to move the hand and the beer holder-the catch-you had to look through 2 monitors rather than directly at the robot thereby limiting yourself to 2 perspectives, a bunch of robots are still in the window of ATA and will be there for one month and are solar powered, and the flying robots, mentioned previously, looked like little airplanes and were able to communicate with each other through a series of flashing lights, and of course there were more and more and more and more.

    I wish I had pictures to share but I did not have time to grab my camera prior to the robot show. There’s always next time. But I did leave with my injury and a stamp of William Shatner on my hand.


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