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    Tuesday, November 22, 2005


    hmmmm, i can't figure out how to post the diagram. too bad for you.

    an elongated, flattened bone, the nude model, hard wooden stool, poised forming the middle portion spine straight knees tugging to be spread, almost dropping open anterior wall of the thorax. is a spread eagle sort of day its upper end supports sometimes when she sits she thinks of sleigh bells which consists of three parts, it keeps her steady, focused on a crack in the ceiling named from above downward:

    the manubrium,
    red pointy triangular
    & wiped clean
    the body or gladiolus, and
    us vs. us. vs. them, in fact
    the xiphoid process
    exhale then in and back again

    Figure 1 : also called breastbone

    in early life it is slightly convex in front and concave behind; broad above, becoming narrowed at the point and is rather longer in the male than in the female
    which suddenly seems not so obvious to me

    Wednesday, November 16, 2005


    Come out and celebrate with us this Wednesday November 16, 7pm at
    Ireland's 32 (3920 Geary between 3rd and 4th Ave.) New San Francisco
    Writing published by Lost Island Press is a collection of poetry and
    fiction featuring:

    Amy Donsky
    Corry Seibert
    dom brassey
    E.K. Fowler
    Giancarlo Campagna
    Jason Snyder
    John Cleary
    Kirstin Dau
    Kristine Leja
    Peter Orner
    Thad Fowler
    Torre Pena


    Monday, November 21, 2005 @ 7:30pm

    Modern Times Bookstore
    888 Valencia Street, between 19th and 20th (Mission)

    NEW STANDARDS: The First Decade of Fiction at Fourteen Hills
    Issue Release Reading

    Commemorating Fourteen Hills’ ongoing dedication to innovative writing, New Standards brings together the best fiction published during the journal’s first decade, including these issue release readers:

    Peter Orner is the author of Esther Stories, a Pen/Hemingway Award Finalist and winner of the Rome Prize from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Stories have appeared in the Atlantic, the Paris Review, and McSweeney’s. His novel, The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo, will be published in March. He lives in San Francisco and is on the faculty at SF State.

    Stephen Elliott is the author of the novels Jones Inn, A Life Without Consequences, What It Means To Love You, and Happy Baby. If you live in Norway the answer is yes, the Norweigan rights to Happy Baby have been purchased, so keep your eyes peeled. Same for Italy. He is also the author of Looking Forward To It Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The American Political Process and the editor of the Politically Inspired anthologies, of which there are currently two.

    Nona Caspers' short fiction has received an Iowa Fiction Award from the Iowa Review, a Barbara Deming Memorial Grant and Award, and a Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Grant and Award. Her work has appeared recently in The Iowa Review, Cimarron Review, and Blithe House Quarterly. She is the author of The Blessed and is currently at work on A Book of One Hundred Days.

    Eireene Nealand won the Ivan Klima Fiction Fellowship in 2004, and topped off her European tour by appearing as an extra in a rap video in London. She has work published or forthcoming in Thin Air, Five Books, Fourteen Hills, Transfer, and Tight Magazine among other places.

    John Cleary lives and writes in San Francisco.

    For further information visit: www.14hills.net

    Thursday, November 03, 2005



    bone of a piecemeal a finger your fingerprint etched into glass
    tap tap tap

    nearer—a point of reference take my map out, unfold such as an origin, don’t let the creases fool a point of attachment, the midline of the body: the proximal end of a bone

    lying in a state like red or blue why can’t we make purple? intermediate means mid, middle position or—

    situated away from the middle, the center is heartless farthest from point of origin, long faced and frowny as of a limb or bone skim my chin with the very very tip tip

    also called fingers everyones’

    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Kris & the infamous Dead Goose

    halloween2005 Kris & the infamous Dead Goose
    Originally uploaded by kris497.

    Me in real light. Halloween 2005, the year Kris got the plague or the flu or whatever it was that was and is still going around.

    You Can't beat this lighting

    Originally uploaded by amickboone.

    WOW, i look scary as hell.

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