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    Wednesday, November 22, 2006


    Occipital bone

    we are all immovably joined together

    situated at back

    never crowned but downward leaning.

    A base a support system

    pierced by an oval aperture,

    protection is a hole


    the foramen magnum, through which

    we communicate

    a hub of activity

    you dive into the core of nerves, accessorize and attach to a ligament

    a core, a pierced hole

    also called base of the skull

    Sunday, November 05, 2006



    much reduced in size he is a tip toe diversion a late night secret when she pivots she used the great toe to start gain leverage

    First Row: always composed of a body and a head, such broad definitions leaves no room for a question.

    sometimes a tracking in of rain water occurs, pools between the toes

    Second Row: small short squat

    this is when the slickness occurs, the slippery wet of skin on skin

    Ungual: the end the support system can go back but forward reaching leaves nothing but dead air,

    a dead toe nail.

    and then we’re through.

    called also toes, 10 total

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