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    Monday, September 26, 2005

    more middles


    either of a pair like two large essentially flat I see flip flops with heels triangular bones lying one in each part of the thorax, Warhol shoes painted, done uppity up being the principal the authority of what?— in the future , bone corresponding half divided by fashion as pop art—movie star face an oblique transverse everyone will bony process as carbons as copies as big painted swaths having a hook-shaped not nose, Andy is angular providing contact with humerus corresponding clavicle don’t ruin the big—but touch them all be world famous for 15 minutes

    called also shoulder blade

    Friday, September 16, 2005




    group of eight carpal bones and associated soft parts we bump along the street forming the joint between the forearm and hand this piece of shit flies, watch out for construction cones articulating with the radius hold tight to the crease between door and window indirectly with the ulna, and with the five metacarpal bones protect from a bump at all cost

    also called carpus


    either of two slender bones your hoop skirt is lovely a delicate flounce that extend from fine tethered waistcoats sternum to scapula mauve like and neat, i’ll take mine straight laced with fine boned china pectoral girdle one of—

    also called collarbone


    one of a series a carton of eggs long curved bones brown for posterity occurring in 12 pairs sometimes I think you’ll ask extending from the spine to/or toward the sternum what came first there it is broken/taken out a removal of original an offset pair do you think gleaming white as it sat upon silver?

    also called floating rib or false, yours

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    a taste

    a taste of brides
    from Brides of Frankenstein, an exhibit
    -San Jose Museum of Modern Art-


    life sized they hang from the back of their necks in a corridor prepubescent you are encouraged females in cheesecloth nightclothes bumping against hear them giggle laid out like a valley one may even sing to you mostly they say ouch tap tap on your back a corridor of dolls

    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    Last minute...

    I'm reading with 2 amazing poets this evening:

    The Ecstatic Monkey Second Thursdays reading series continues after a summer hiatus this Thursday, September 8th for a reading featuring poet:

    Stacy Doris

    with Ecstatic Monkey Member poets Kristine Leja & Colleen Bazdarich

    Entry is FREE and open to the public

    Wine and Beer available

    7:30 pm

    StartSoma Gallery is at 672 S. Van Ness between 17th and 18th (through the blue door and up the stairs)

    Stacy Doris' books written in English include Conference (Potes & Poets 2001), Paramour (Krupskaya 2000), and Kildare (Roof, 1995). Written semi-anonymously in French are La vie de Chester Steven Wiener écrite par sa femme (P.O.L,1998), and Une année à New York avec Chester (P.O.L 2000). Forthcoming: Knot (University of Georgia) and Parlement (P.O.L). She has edited a dossier of new American writing in French for Java, and co-edited the following collections of French poetry translated by American poets: with Chet Wiener, Christophe Tarkos: Ma Langue est Poétique--Selected Work (New York: Roof) 2001; with Norma Cole, Twenty-two New (to North America) French Poets (Vancouver: Raddle Moon) 1997; with Emmanuel Hocquard), Violence of the White Page, Contemporary French Poetry in Translation (Santa Fe, NM: Pederal) 1992. She is an assistant professor of Creative Writing at San Francisco State University.


    Colleen Bazdarich spent the summer in Dublin sifting through the
    private library of Poetry Ireland, where she found gems like a 1st
    edition copy of Jack Spicer's Billy the Kidd hidden in the covers of
    other books. Her work has lately focused on the occult, and she hopes
    to return to the Green Isle next year to study up on Yeats' similar
    fascination with mysticism and maybe, while she's there, finish up the
    MFA thesis for SFSU she's supposed to be writing.

    Friday, September 02, 2005


    I keep thinking it's been 5 days and people are still in the Superdome, still on their roofs, still stuck in a city submerged. Why isn't more being done, why wasn't more down earlier, why didn't they push harder for a mandatory forced evacuation? But most importantly Bush why haven't you shown your face to the American people and issued a plan to help, why aren't you urging Americans to donate, or are you so disconnected from the non-rich that you just don't care.

    I've been obsessively reading the news and looking at pictures from this devasting area of the country. First and foremost send money to the Red Cross ASAP.

    Here's what I've found:

    The mayor of New Orleans extreme disappointment and raw honesty.

    Seth Abramson has a terrific post on Katrina

    Because Bush likes to lie and we certainly knew that the levees were in jeapordy.

    FEMA-What the hell happened Mr. President from the Washington Post

    I thought the job of the President was to lead and comfort in times of national crisis.

    Further proof that Bush and Washington have a major disconnect with this nations poor.

    Attytood: a newsblog with plenty of opinions on the subject, it's what we're all thinking but afraid to say. well not always, but you know what I mean.

    Satellite Images from the NYTimes.

    And of course Common Dreams which contains much much more on the situation.
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