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    Sunday, January 28, 2007



    If we play you must remain clear of the base

    of my skull and then yours

    but ultimately

    the bases of everything

    wedge shaped he

    she batted her eyes, you said

    it was a wink brief

    possibly a flutter

    mouselike droppings feature a cleanup in who?

    median (divides) created for fissures

    of two

    a great and a small, no two greats and two smalls


    until endings in –ed were contagious and things slowed

    in mud and in languages spoken on 5 continents

    the others remained un – in - habitable for people built of two’s

    also called butterfly:

    cocooned and hatched

    Saturday, January 13, 2007



    bones do not grow to be limitless

    reigned in, set in motion

    a root system is intricate, deep

    We all consist of five senses:

    1. of a don’t stop time

    of tattoo guns going bzzzzzzzzzz stop bzzzzzzzzzzzz stop stop bzzzz

    2. this waking moment, a present life

    jolt to the here

    3. we are temporary

    4. the tense of a verb

    active, static, both.

    5. secular in laymen’s terms

    no ecclesiastical exclamations, please

    Sunday, January 07, 2007



    Can this bone resemble—

    wrinkles and puckered lips

    yet rounded into heart shaped shells with radiating ribs

    you a coupling of her and other(s)

    bivalve halfed and un-smooth

    Have you created a cockle of me, of my heart

    oh clichés!

    a tin roof slammed with rain

    the region of my forehead hit with drops

    I recede into a further room,

    a cavity closet that is all dark

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