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    Monday, December 12, 2005



    longest bone of the forelimb herringbone tights made of nylon, spandex, wool extending from the shoulder to elbow, I slipped them on over a wrist, patterned perfect along my arm, breathable holes articulating above by a rounded head with the glenoid fossa [see glenoid cavity] quick, flick your hand out no snags against fabric a broad articular surface divided by a ridge into a medial pulley-shaped repetitive and plain I wonder if they come in grey, because black is for fishnets portion and a rounded eminence that articulate with the ulna and radius respectively, with holes showing thighs, and calf bones that gleam providing modified surfaces for the attachment of muscles encased like sausages

    also called upper arm

    Here is—

    glenoid cavity

    the concavity in the head remember when we sat of the scapula thigh to thigh that receives my elbow poised at the top—red chair the head of the humerus I skimmed your wrist bone then, to form the shoulder joint and you knew it too

    also called glenoid fossa


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    yeah, a poem with calfs in it, even if it is just implied.

    1:27 PM  

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