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    Friday, March 25, 2005

    Swimming round as the rain comes down

    This is the Astrid that was featured in a much earlier post. I'm attempting to figure out what to do with these particular characters and if it's worth pursuing. This Astrid is much different from the earlier Astrid...

    The Wall has Fallen

    There is a huge wall and Astrid is inside the house in the bathroom. The house is next to the wall. She is getting ready to leave, in a mask. As soon as she walks outside the wall is being destroyed.

    Put the tint on, cover it well
    exposed will never work
    [Cover it up well]
    High cheekbones and a rosy glow
    [Masked aversions]

    her mask
    The wall has fallen,
    the wall has fallen

    Quick sew the patches back—
    my jaw has come unlocked.
    A painted on face
    [a presentation of self]
    is all that’s left; a colorist sees shade/depth
    block me in primary.

    her mask
    Hands and limbs are under bricks
    the wrecking ball is tight and strong
    the impact exact—
    a self is here, and then here, and over here
    [none a full composition]

    Go, fetch the limbs
    pile them up nice
    go for the gore, scrimp on the shoes and tattered cloth
    [quantity of whole] anew

    her mask
    the jigsaw puzzle has come unlocked, unhinged
    is severed—build anew
    start again. [Throw me out]
    refuse the scavenging


    Permanently tinted
    a stain on my iris eye
    this world seen through
    a wooden fisheye lens


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