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    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    The Hansel & Gretel Forest 6

    Gretel reaches for a candy apple,
    it twists and writhes on the branch
    little weasel eyes, it bites—
    runs away on 4 legs, a caramel back striped

    Oh where are the grackles and sea gulls now?
    the yard is built upon something
    besides graham cracker, a bubbling in the far west corner
    the start of disintegration

    sleep in a liquorice roped hammock
    but really it’s a breakable and bitter bramble
    thinks she can swing
    it’s airless here and never breezy
    a whoosh and fall to the hard packed dirt

    in fact, everything is hard
    eye-candy-days are over
    the house is a sealed up
    rounded and well worn—a boulder
    a lost lover entombed


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