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    Friday, May 06, 2005

    The Hansel & Gretel Forest Series

    With the last posting of the Hansel & Gretel series I feel relief. I'm glad I've finally committed this idea to paper. This is my first draft pass of the series and I still have plenty of work to do on it: cleaning it up, tightening it, and making sure the narrative line doesn't get lost in all of the description.

    I think I've hit upon something that I think will make an intersting chapbook or book idea - placing fairy tales in the bay area with modern concerns. Next series: Little Red Riding Hood meet Mission Dolores. I think I'll have her check out various churches and religions rather than going to see her grandmother.

    I'm in spring mode, lots of finishing of projects going on and more new ideas than I can possibly handle.


    Blogger mephistofales said...

    Here are a couple ideas for you:

    Little Jack Horner in the castro, confronting his homosexuality.

    Miss Muffet eats magic mushrooms and goes to the Moma.

    Jack Sprat and his wife decide to have an open relationship.

    The three bearsMove from the 'burbs (Richmond/Sunset) to a high rise Soma loft and how little bear's disgust with his parent's yuppie behavior begins to push him into the punk scene and spending too much time on the haight.

    11:12 AM  
    Blogger the ability to control (but not create) pudding said...


    you might wanna check out "fables" by bill willingham. it's a comic-book series (i know, i know...) about differnt fable-people and creatures (red riding hood, beauty and the beast, etc.) who are all living in exile in new york after they were cast out of their fairy-tale-lands. it's really pretty excellent. a lot of the issues have been collected into trade paperbacks if you're interested.

    7:18 AM  

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