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    Tuesday, April 19, 2005


    This is not a Hansel & Gretel post.

    I'm outraged. Pharmacists, not all, are balking at filling morning after pill prescriptions. This enrages me to no end, restricting women's options and choices are just wrong. The morning after pill does not cause an abortion to occur. It stops the egg from being released which in turn stops impregnation, no fertilized egg, no fetus, no baby, no contact. How is that abortion? Why is it that women's issues are constantly berated in courts when a man can walk into a pharmacy and purchase viagara to increase his libido and not a single person is opposed to that. Why is that a man's sexual drive is more important than a women's right to obtain and use birth control or the morning after pill? A man can walk around with a full on hard on but a woman can be harrassed and told "no not today" because she made a choice not to be pregnant. Who left that responsibility to a pharmacist? Why do pharmacists believe that they don't have to comply when a prescription is handed over? It's sad and so sick.


    Blogger mephistofales said...

    I have to agree with your outrage, I'm right there with you. There's a bill in congress that is going to allow pharmacists the right of moral objections when dolling out certain medications. I don't think that the birth control pill is in as great contention as the morning after pill which is nothing more than a massive dose of the birth control pill.

    The most frightening thing about this is that we are dictating or giving pharmacists the right to play moral judge through this legislation. Its a truly frightening, but not all too unexpected turn of events considering the makeup of our Congress and the monkey in the white house.

    I'm with you on this one Kris.

    2:16 PM  
    Blogger domlet said...

    things we know for sure:

    boner! instrument of wealth, power, creation!

    balls! pendulous monuments of courage!

    blah blah blah women nymphomaniacs sluts whores manipulative ballbusters castrating bitches killers emotionally unstable untrustworthy conniving dependent bloodsucking c0cksucking frigid girls.


    god, science, modern 'man, progress, blah blah blah.

    not sure why i'm writing any of this. oh yeah, justice and equality and human rights are being decimated. fuck.


    who said anything about rights?


    3:07 PM  
    Blogger Michael said...

    I generally like monkeys, they're pretty cute and all, but damn that monkey in the White House- that one sucks. And all these conservative pharmacists... wtf? Fill the damn prescriptions before we collectively slap the hell outta you.

    10:03 PM  
    Blogger Wade Marshall said...

    Q: "Why is that a man's sexual drive is more important than a women's right to obtain and use birth control or the morning after pill?"

    A: Because a world without boners just wouldn't be worth living in.

    10:14 PM  
    Blogger Kristine said...

    Gee, thanks for clarifying Wade. [note the intense sarcasm]

    1:39 PM  

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