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    Monday, May 02, 2005


    This poem is a central component to my thesis and I'm thinking that I will rewrite the poem several times to indeed include the various aspects of seeing this image. Giving and taking a little more or a little less with each version. Then I will scatter it throughout the entire manuscript.

    The Mutability of the Eye

    i. Playbill

    Sitting in the middle of the auditorium
    my eyes fall at stage level
    defying the architectures stacked appeal—
    a perfect seat throughout the house

    i. 1st Possibility

    a shoe, table leg, corner of book, [see stage right]

    not high heeled shoe, 3 legged table,
    mahogany streaked wood-appears odd-
    fourth leg fake, chopped prop—very faux

    chunk of hair—my own—falters, flops
    tickling my eyelash.
    Momentary—brown out.

    ii. 2nd Possibility [see stage left]

    on a table stands a vase
    oblong in shape a bluish
    tint glows from within, it radiates
    along its pear shaped middle,

    lighting box has caught a corner
    blue light shards everywhere

    iii. 3rd Possibility [see stage center]

    stage, then curtain
    stage light sweeping horizontally
    shoes, then legs
    swollen calf muscles
    pleated hem of 1950’s skirt
    standing next to bobby socked
    girl of eight years
    who should be
    made up to appear poignant—they are
    pointed replicas of self,
    painted on face, contrary expression of—

    iv. 4th Possibility [see stage]

    Bobby socks legs are dancing
    in the blue lights

    Pleated skirt is perched
    atop a settee flaking red paint

    The table is dearly missing its fourth leg and
    mahogany isn’t any sort of wood at all, at least not here.
    Here it is streaked paint.

    v. Possibility Over-
    Curtain Cued

    It’s all red velvet now—

    embraced shoulders and a slight lift
    it all seeps underneath
    reflecting back up, shiny wooden floors absorb
    dark movements

    a swish back, low bows, clasped hands
    red velvet swinging into place

    again and again


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